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Friday, June 11, 2010

Opus Gluei -Life's a Beach

All week long I've been thinking about what to make for this week's challenge at The Order of the Opus Gluei. I grew up on an island and going down to the beach was something we did as little kids whenever we wanted to. Then when my daughter was born, we would go out to the coast two, sometimes three times a year to visit grandma and we could walk to the beach from her place. Then of course there are the vacations. Last year was, to the best of my recollection, the only time in the last 20 years that we have NOT gone to the beach, and as terrific as our trip was, it was missing something.

But I'm babbling. This is what I've made for "Life's a Beach". It's a canvas which I colour-washed, glimmer-misted, stenciled, beeswaxed, stamped, glass-beaded, and metallic-waxed, and then added a vintage doily, shells from our travels, a stamp I won on a cruise, along with Mr. Tim's filmstrip and some unknown paper clip. Oh, I almost forgot, the main "picture" was alcohol-inked and stamped and embossed with another stamp I won on the same cruise. Whew! There, now you can replicate it. Thanks for looking!


  1. Are you sure you can't get some other technique on there?? The gazillion things you did look awesome together..just awesome. Love the shells, the center focal point, the sentiment, everything...just spectacular!

  2. Holy Starfish!!! This is incredible. I love every single thing about it. The color, the textures, the fun shells, the film, ALL of it is spectacular.
    And thank you for the directions. I'll run off and make one right away...LOL THANK YOU for playing with OPUS GLUEI.

  3. Hey Electra, this is fabulous. I love everything about it, especially the colours and textures. It looks spectacular in the photograph so it must be even better in reality.

    Thanks for the "recipe".... I can just get it right I think. Heavens woman, what DIDN'T you do to that canvas??

    Love to see the results of other hoarding people!! WIsh it was mine.

  4. Hi Electra (waving madly at monitor - hee hee)!!!

    This is grand! I love this canvas -- to me it is a wonderful, sentimental and moody piece. Moody in a good way as in a walk to a place in our memories. Good grief, I hope that came out all right. I'm a dork, bear with me.

    Thanks so much for sharing how you made it, that's always fun because I think in my mind- oh, I want to make something like that but where the heck to start? Now I know!

    Love seeing your work, like Chat Noir you have this way of making these dazzling projects appear effortless, quite unlike me. My work area always looks like a hurricane blew through...

  5. (waving back at the monitor) It's you guys and your kind comments who inspire me. Thank you SO much!!

  6. This is very beautiful and so many techniques my head is spinning!


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