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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beat The Heat!

Time for a new challenge at
This week we are asking you to create something to show us the ways you beat the heat!
Those who know me, know that we've had winter here for the last,
 oh, let's see, about,
maybe 8 months.
And today it's going to be in the 90's.
I am riding an inner tube down the river as we speak (in my mind)
and am not getting out of the water (in my mind)
until the sun goes down.
Apparently back in 1915 my grandmother also found
water was the best way to cool off in the summer time.
These photos are of her in her "bathing suit" relaxing at the beach with a friend.
At first I had quite a laugh about the "bathing suit" she is wearing.
I wouldn't want to get it wet and then try to swim in it,
I suspect the weight would pull a person down to the bottom of the lake.
the other day I caught a glimpse of myself in my own bathing suit.
Maybe I should get one like she had.  :-(
Show us how YOU beat the heat and link up with
You have lots of time, this challenge runs until July 31st!
See you there!

(PS-See that little outhouse button at the top left of the page? 
That was sent to me by my buddy Chat Noir from Australia
and was handmade by Aussie Woodcraft.
Isn't it precious?
I added it to the LO, 'cus Grandma had an outhouse when I was a little girl
and it made me think of her.
I guess an outhouse isn't what we would all want to be remembered by,
but hey, I loved the moon on the door.)


  1. This page is great...I am at lake winnipeg right now and not too much has changed...not the out houses are porta potties, but other than that...whooie it is hot out here this weekend...perfect for this challenge!

  2. Hey Electra,
    Just stopped by to say hi and to let you know I moved blog houses...I was having some issues with some link backs to my blog so i decided it was best to close my old site and begin anew ...hope you can drop by the new place and become a follower again. Gosh, I do hope this is the last time I have to move blogs, I am tired of loosing my fabulous friends who follow...
    Hope you are having a fab weekend...
    Beth P

  3. Awesome layout, love how you used this paper! Those pics are wonderful, what a treasure. And, if I ever have to use a swimsuit again, I'm with you, I think I need one like my Gramma used to

  4. I really enjoyed this layout and knowing that it had your grandmother in it makes it even more special. I need one of those suits now for camouflage myself!

    I can't imagine swimming in them, weren't they made of wool or something? I don't know, maybe we're wrong, and they were fine to swim in...then again...

  5. Now I know its been a while since I did anything even VAGUELY creative... I had to search for pages and pages before I got to this post. I was looking for the button to see what you did with it, since you dropped a hint that it might have been handy. I wonder how many drownings there were? Or maybe they just walked in the water and didn't really go in for distance swimming.........


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