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Thursday, July 7, 2011

OK, I have to do this

We Canadians are not big on adulation.
We're far too polite.  lol
HOWEVER, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge landed in my town this afternoon and I just want to say, while there is no way on God's green earth that I would sleep in a folding camp chair for 36 hours to get a wristband to see them, I do think they are lovely.
Besides, that's what television is for.
(For my younger viewers, "television" is what TV stands for.)
Here are some of the things the young couple have been up to:

(for the uninitiated, if Kate continues to hold her paddle in the water the way she is, they will commence to go around and around in a circle until that nice man on the back politely grabs it from her.)

Pointing at small children and laughing
And last but most certainly not least

A rousing game of street hockey!
and yes Virginia, we DO play hockey here in the summer time.


  1. Thank you - that certainly relieved a bit of stress and by the way, where can I get a cake dress.

  2. I think Kate and William are a decided plus for British royals after the Charles and Camella fiasco. I hope they have a good life together. They seem to really care about each other.

  3. Whadda ya mean you won't camp in a chair? lol....Fab pics...the canoe comment was pretty gosh darn funny.

  4. hmmm...subliminal message that he is number 2 in that relationship?

  5. Wot? You mean dress up in traditional red indian dress?
    OK but could you wear you OG greenhorn glasses as well, 'cos Spanky says they'll be the perfect accessory ;-)
    Have a great weekend dressing up!

  6. Hockey in the summer???? That's just crazy. LOL

    I personally love Thing 1 and Thing 2. They make a very attractive couple and they seem so real. Like the lovely Lady Di. I love her too.

    The canoe looks like fun. I might camp in a chair to do that...


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