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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Not Ladylike

I know I've been blogging a lot this weekend.
Maybe I'm manic.
Maybe I won't blog for a month how.
Maybe I will.
See this picture?
I took it sitting in traffic this evening.
I love our skies.
Which brings me to the REAL reason I am posting...

THIS is my good friend Lisa

This week I did a guest post for  Lisa of
all about the province in which we both live.
I like Lisa.
A lot
And I like her blog.
A lot.
And you would too.
EVEN THOUGH I know how busy we all would.  Really.
Anyhoo, if ya like, mosey on over thar and take a gander at
some rootin-tootin redneck photos I took of our homeland.
And say Hi to Lisa.
It'll make her day.

That's what Lisa would say, if she were here
 instead of gallivanting around the country having fun.


  1. Ah, love that you captured a bit of your daily life to share with us - I love your skies too!

    Now I am off to see who's NOT LADYLIKE, sounds like a girl I'd love to know!

  2. What an amazing sky! Too beautiful. I am now off to see not ladylike. I love that name!

  3. What a gorgeous sky! You ought to use it as a background for a card. I'm going to go check out Lisa's blog.


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