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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I only know what's on mine.  And  people have been asking to see the finsihed project, as you have seen it in various stages on my workdesk.
My compendium is done, except for one thing.  I need a minature sewing maching.  I found some on E-Bay, but not being E-Bay friendly  l had no idea what to do next.
I'll find one though.  Somewhere.
So here it is, in honour of my mother, sans sewing machine:

My dear mom had the habit of writing everything down in her tiny perfect handwriting.  Whe she passed, I inherited all sorts of tiny journals filled with records of day-to-day activities. 
 It was some of those pages that I used to cover the boxes. 
 Then I sprayed it with Tattered Angels Cadillac Pink glimmer mist.
Tim Holtz supplied the legs.

The brooch was one of mom's and the little vase is part of her Limoges Collection.  "M" for "Mother" and the frozen charlotte doll (which is what I THINK they are called) was my great-grandmother's. A bottle of glitter just because she loved pink. I used a few pieces of her jewelry, she felt if you left the house without jewelry, you weren't really dressed.
Oh!  There is pink (of course) German scrap on the top, cus my mom's family started in Germany.

a dangly earring from her jewelry box, a couple of buttons from her button box, a cutlery brad to signify that cooking and being a housewife was what was did/was, and a gold locket that belonged to her mother.

She, her sisiter and her mother all had Boston Terriers.  Ours was named Smudgy.  Behind Smudgy is a gold coin honouring the 100th anniversary of the little town in Saskchewan where she was born.  Mom, not Smudgy.
See the word "secrets" in the back there?  That's cus we had a lot.

And finally, a picture of her and her only granddaughter. 
Being a grandma was the highlight of her life.
And of course the empty spot where the sewing machine will go.

But I will fill it.
Thanks for stopping by.
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I am submitting this project for
an inspirational blog I discovered not too long ago.  Why do I want to share this piece?
Because, unlike most of my work, I really think this is wonderful. 
We're all our own worst critics right? 
And I never see what other people seem to see in my own work. 
THIS one though has special meaning for me. 
It sat on my workdesk for a long time, because I just thought it would be too emotional,
but I'm glad I got it done.
It's my heart. 

***added later***

Look what arrive in the mail today!
Woo Hoo!
My friend Chris Arlington of
sent me this precious little sewing machine that fits perfectly in the empty spot.  Not only that, but I remember that my mom had one just like it when I was little.
Am I blessed or what!
Thank you dear Chris!


  1. Wow, this is SPECTACULAR! What a wonderful tribute to your Mom, she apparently was a very special lady! The idea to use her journals is awesome!

  2. Electra this is such a beautiful and special box. Am sure your mother would have been thrilled by it. Annette x

  3. WOW!!! Such a wonderful piece of art!
    Michelle *Ü*

  4. This is stunning! what a great tribute. I hope you keep an explanation of things for future generations with it. I used to have a small brass sewing that was a pencil sharpener. If I can find it I will send it to you. the little wheel turned on it. Can't guarantee but I will look. What size do you need?

  5. I'm totally speachless. This is such a fab way to remember your Mum by. A living history box filled to the brim with lovely memories.Hugs Monkey & Mrs A. #88

  6. WOWsers lady. This is spectacular. I am so in awe with so much here, I don't know what to mention first. I LOVE that picture of your Mom and Daughter. Too adorable. All of the real life bits are so very special. I especially LOVE her handwriting all over the whole thing. This is the most lovely reminder ever.

  7. this a lovely reminder of your mother and so creative. It may inspire me to do something similar but not as beautiful...........fab-u-lous

  8. Marvelous project,oh my gosh what can I say !!!
    What an amazing piece, I just love everything about it.

  9. This is absolutely stinking FABULOUS!!! I totally love it!!!!

  10. Electra it's stunning a wonderful tribute to your Mom....

  11. Oh Patti what an awesome tribute to your Mom!! That is just beautiful and you thought it through so well!! You are so talented. This touched my heart. Love, XO Fran.

  12. You've taken my breath away. Glad you found the courage to share this, and it made me wonder how I can do something in the same vein........ If I find you a sewing machine, I'll send it. One scary thought: when your daughter makes a memory collection for you, what will she use?

  13. I always love your Blog title! Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration and wonderful creation with My Mojo Monthly. It is a burst of colour, details and a lovely tribute to your mum! You should be very proud of it indeed!

  14. This is gorgeous Electra! What a beautiful tribute to your mum! I too bought a TH configuration box. It sits in the bag and gives me the eye everyday! Awesome project!

  15. This is the most fantastic piece of all this week - I adore it. It brought tears to my eyes with all the love that was incorporated with all the personal items. Truly amazing. x

  16. Oh Electra, this brings such warmth to my heart. I love every meaningful detail you added to this creative treasure and keepsake of love.

  17. What a beautiful project! It's bringing tears to my eyes. Really, it's something to be treasured.

  18. That's a beautiful box. You did your mum proud.


  19. Your explaination really brought your Mum to life for me. I hope it helps keep your Mum's character alive for you, and your daughter. It is lovely tribute.

  20. Hi Electra, love your configuration box - it's such a lovely tribute to your mother. I hope you find a wee sewing machine soon. Bidding on ebay is a bit scary at first but really not so difficult - I've bought a number of crafty items from there. Give it a try - you'll be chuffed if you get the sewing machine. Hope your weekend is a good one. Elizabeth x #99

  21. Chat Noir, you're right that IS a scary thought. I wonder what she would put in a box for me???(yikes)

  22. what a delightful project -- wonderful finds in all the nooks and crannies.

  23. This is a truly wonderful piece of art Electra! Thanks for sharing!
    Alison x

  24. WOW! Beautiful box. Love the colors and all the goodies. thanks for sharing. Vickie

  25. Wow, Love all the little details!
    hugs Lynn

  26. Oh Electra this is such a perfect tribute to your dear Mom..a gorgeous piece with so many stories to tell - I LOVE that her own pages of writing are the base cover (you're right her handwriting was beautifully neat!) - it's wonderful, bet you're really please. And Chris - what an angel, the sewing machine is perfect!

  27. WOW! That is a beautiful project. It is so full of love, or meaning, of real things that mean so much. An amazing tribute to your mother.

  28. Oh Electra, such a wonderful remembrance for your Mum, I have one of those sewing machines too, and my Mum taught me to sew on hers. What a fab friend Chris is to send you one! They weigh a ton to lift, good old Singer's.
    Using your Mum's journal pages is brilliant.


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