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Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.

The Challenge today at
"A Picture is Worth 1000 Words"
courtesy of Poobah Kristen.
We all know I like to babble, whether with my mouth or my art, so this was a real
for me. 
(get it?  Challenge?)
I think you should go over there and see what's the Poobahs have put together for this one, or maybe you don't need that inspiration and you've stopped reading this and are making your piece right now.........................................


  1. Wonderful, Electra! I love the little man and woman symbols...too cute! Also, your layering technique is lovely. I have never done that.

  2. the funny thing about this card is that I almost did mine with the same man and woman holding hands...that would have been too funny ending up with two of the same image....but yours turned out better than mine did! i changed my mind to the butterfly girl instead


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