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Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Fill Ins

The Fill-Ins are done a little differently today and to tell you the truth, my answers have required some thought.  I don't do thought well on Fridays.  So please forgive me if this doesn't make a lot of sense.  It does to me.
Sort of.

1. I am from a piano, aprons, girdles and our first TV that my dad said would "never catch on", from Wonderbread, Betty Crocker, sand dollars, seahorses, jellyfish and high tide. I am from figure skating, Ed Sullivan, a dog named Smudgy who had to have an insulin injection every day, fruitcake and Divinity Fudge at Christmas. I am from Ski Cake each birthday and a fun race to be the first to find the coin wrapped in wax paper and hidden in the filling.

2. I am from the a middle class home with a quiet and secretive Leave It to Beaver family, with a turquoise kitchen that had copper jelly molds hanging on the kitchen wall and no messy counters anywhere. I am from a bed with a picket fence around it and a little gate for me to come and go.

3. I am from the weeping willow tree you could hide under and never been found for a whole morning , the rock garden at the side of the house that had all sorts of tiny little treasures in it, and the tiny little playhouse with running water that my dad built for us. 

4. I am from decorum, acting "proper" and good manners, with a silver flask of scotch hidden in the garage, from an unwed German nurse who wanted me to be raised with music and two parents who couldn't have a baby of their own. I am from a niehgbourhood with the Big Rock and safety and a cul de sac of relatives who weren't really relatives but minded our business as if they were

5. I am from the desperate need to fit in with the neighbourhood, from a goal of climbing the social ladder and working long hours so he wouldn't have to come home, and kitchen cupboard doors slamming with long heavy sighs to underline the hidden meaning.  I am from strict rules and a mouth washed out with soap, and songs made up while swining in the sun in a back yard that seemed to go on forever.

6. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to making cookies, tomorrow my plans include whatever comes my way and Sunday, I want to possibly go south on a road trip!



  1. hahhaha i know it is hard but you did well my dear. Happy weekend....Mine is up too.

    Mine is here

  2. I like how many things you were able to put in there. Somewhat narrative and dramatic. :D

  3. Oh Electra, you've got such a big one :-)
    Sorry, I'll go do my laundry now.
    Do I put Buckskin through on a 30 degree wash do you think, and will the fringe survive or will it go all RAWHIDE on me?
    Well, I want you to look your best when you dress up.
    With the time difference it'll be ready by the time you get up :-)

  4. You did a GREAT job! Thanks for playing :-)

  5. Glad I scrolled down and found these. I went and did mine too, only a week late. They took some thinking.

  6. Loved your answers. So evocative!


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