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Thursday, July 7, 2011

July Artful Bag

Have you made your bag yet for July?  It's the 7th, you know. 
Humphf (she says, tapping her foot and looking unimpressed.)
Well FINE.
I did.
Except for the tulle, which I tried to melt unsuccessfully, I just rooted around in my flowers drawer.
YES, I have a flowers drawer.  Doesn't everyone?
And the bag? Good ol' Sally Ann.
And the lace?  I'd love to tell you it was in my lace drawer but you'd never believe me.
(and I don't have a lace drawer, I have a lace pile)
You can join in the Artful Bag Challenge anytime, you know.  And even if you don't, I suggest you toddle on over to check out
cus there is so much eye candy there it makes my teeth ache.  lol
Anna is such an inspiration.


  1. I think your bag is cute. I love that row of pink tulips. on top of the lace is a nice touch. Very pretty.

  2. First..i love your dry sence of humor. High energy, but now slowing down sounds also like me*lol* Anyway...your bag looks STUNNING!! Awesome lace and omg..such beautiful flowers.(:o) Elly

  3. I'm with you I too have a lace jar and a flower drawer but no purse as yet still working on mine but your stunning Electra... hugs wendy

  4. Your purse is just so darn cute and summery.

    I too started with a black bag and tried to bring it around to be a summer favorite.


  5. Wow! Gorgeous! Love all the flowers, it makes it so....flowery! lol!

  6. Sua bolsa está linda, amo trabalho com flores....parabéns!!!!! E obrigada pela visita em meu blog...xoxoxox

  7. LOL at your posts this week!
    This is a BEAUTIFUL bag and will look splendorous (even if it not to adult scale) with the rest of your Royal Visit Costume.
    Photo's please!
    You can use photoshop if you want to make your legs longer to match the bag or need to borrow a chief's headdress to match the OG glasses.
    I love the mysterious eyes look you achieve wearing those glasses.
    I can feel a song coming on.
    Sexy Eyes by Dr Hook.
    P.S. That edible wedding dress didn't look very appetizing cut open did it or am I being too fussy and free cake is free cake?

  8. Being a flower girl, I adore this delightful handbag!!!!

  9. I love your bag. So very elegant and quite beautiful. You did an amazing job. I just love the texture.
    I have a large flower box, so I do know what you mean by a flower drawer. I have a very small lace and trim box.

    Thank you so very much for your comment. I will be back for a second look.

  10. Electra I can never decide which I enjoy most....your wonderful bags or your funny posts. You always make me smile when I come here. And your bag is just adorable the flowers, even with the unmelted tulle and all. And yes, I'm sure everyone has a flowers drawer...even if they won't admit it :)


  11. This is a wondreful bag. I love the colors and the flowers. So beautiful.

  12. OH Patti I love everything you make!! Such prettiness you've mastered again!! XO Fran.


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