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Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Fill-ins

1. Oh gross! I thought it was _snot!_.

2. _I watched someone bungee jump-_ well THAT's off my bucket list!

3. No, _I did not say I would do your work for you_.

4. When I make art, I use my whole_ heart and soul.

5. And then _I nap_.

6. I can't forget _my address, how would I find my way home_?

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _doing nothing which requres a brain_, tomorrow my plans include _speaking at a conference_ and Sunday, I want to _go out for a fattening brunch with my girlfriends._!

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  1. Oh, I totally agree with you on No. 4, art IS truly something wonderful And No. 5, a short nap, is always a good idea.

    Maybe you want to have a look on my Friday Fill-Ins?!?

    Wish you a wonderful weekend! :-)

  2. I like $6 it is a cute answer. happy fill-ins.

    mine is here too

  3. when I first saw the picture I was wondering what kind of animal it was...thank goodness the week is almost over!

    when I make art...I usually make a bigger mess than anything!

    As for the weekend...I get to meet Tim Holtz!

  4. Nice answers.
    Mine's up as well here.

  5. Very interesting and funny. I don't know how you fill it in. Just save it and fill it in??


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