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Friday, March 4, 2011

I love my mailman

or should that be "mailperson?"  Ak, I don't care, I love him.
I recieved two One World, One Heart prizes this week-lookeee!!!
First from Anna McCurdy of QuiltMom's Journey, a lovely bracelet
(which I promptly wore to work today).
Isn't it wonderful?  I asked for black (she told me I could choose) cus that's what I wear mostly.
Lucky, lucky me!
And here's the funny part.  After flying all around the world for the OWOH Magic Carpet ride, Anna lives about a three hour drive north of me.  That cracks me up.
THEN, from across the ocean (and it arrived in the same amount of time, which I will NEVER understand), from Jan of Jan's Arty Journey I received this precious matchbox chock-full of little treasures.

(I've photographed it on the tissue paper it was wrapped in, as I love it and plan to do some encaustic art with it!)

Did you  hear my squeals of joy as I explored it?  Well, actually, the squeals started when I unwrapped it.  You must have heard them.  And I am so NOT a squealer.
Lookit the tiny beer can!  How cool is that?  Who knew they drink beer in the UK?
Like I said, Lucky, lucky me.
I love my mailperson.
I really do.


  1. Wow! Both of these are awesome! That little beer can kills me.... lol..

  2. Electra you make me laugh so hard. You are a lucky girl with the beautiful prizes you received. By the way I think beer along with guiness and ale was origninated in the UK LOL. xxoo

  3. Lucky you - two times! I, too, am the fortunate recipient of one of Jan's gorgeous matchboxes. Truly something to treasure!

  4. that is a pretty bracelet...and it looks like you will be having some fun with the little treasures...can't wait to see what you create...

  5. What beautiful prizes! Apparently they have pubs all over the UK. I am as shocked as you. ;-)

  6. Lovely bracelet - lucky you.
    So glad my matchbox arrived safely, and that you were pleased with it :) LOL at the beer can! Apparently they do drink beer in the UK ! ;) Shocking eh!! Wouldn't know myself!! ALOL :)

    Jan x

  7. Glad that you liked the bracelet- and that it fit too. That is always the trick.
    Your little box from The UK has many fun things in it too. I love mail days like that too.


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