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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More mail-love

I got more treats in my mailbox today!  Whistle, Clap, Cheer!! First, here are some really elegant ATC's I won from Ros of Rossylalah.  All the way from Australia!!

Woo Hoo!
the wondrous Poobahs over at The Order of the Opus Gluei sent a parcel of goodies that positively curled my toes! 
OK, that's a bad visual. 
 Bling (of course), stamps, rub-ons, Tim Holtz' masks, rooster teasures, and,
A postcard of their logo!

Well, I don't know if
"Logo" is the right word, but it is so cool!  I have it proudly displayed right beside my puter.
Thank you Poobah's, you're da bomb!!


  1. LOVE those ATC's. Very textural. (Is that a word?) So happy that you like your goodies. We LOVE that you play with us. And that you are such a cool artist.

  2. Oh how wonderful! You are a very lucky person to receive such goodies.

  3. aren't goodies so much fun? i just loved my haul too...makes for such a bright end to the day when there is that extra key in the mailbox saying that you have a bigger package ;) in the next box...

  4. Wow, those ATC's are spectacular! Aren't the poobahs the BEST? Yep.


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