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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I made some felt.

Well, not felt EXACTLY, I lost patience before it got to that point.  I think I"m going to put the big bale of roving I bought, on Kijijii.  Do you know anyone who wants to buy some roving?  I'm going to stick to paper-ish stuff. 
 It's a good price.  (read: I wish-I'd-never'bought-this-cr@*-cheap)

Since I never got to the "felt stage" you know how long that takes????...
I decided it looked like it wanted to be a flower.
Having said that, it did not have a strong enough personality to be a flower alone. 
 It needed friends.

Friends and family.  Brightly coloured family.

roving.  one bale.  cheap.  call me.


  1. Well, it looks cool as you've used it for the layout - so it is maddening? Time consuming? yes and yes?

    It is a new trick/technique (opus gluei, opus gluei) (see, I'm using my Jedi mind tricks). You can share your experience with fellow artists.

  2. Nice job! Very cool felting!

  3. LOVE that your project turned out to add such a lovely touch to your layout. Even if you don't ever do that again, the trial paid off.
    (Now do as Rosemary says and link this up to OG. Perfect for this week.)

  4. LOL...It looks beautiful anyway!

  5. i think it all turned out great in the end....try again, it might get easier (this coming from someone who would just chuck it out if it was frustrating...)

  6. Way cool, even for lack of felt bought some little amounts with the plans of making wool balls. Which I did, about 5 to be exact. Planned on doing some woolly ball jewelry. Which I haven't done yet, either. Show me your roving and I'll show you my woolly balls...

  7. Oh. My. Heavens. Lori, I laughed so hard there are yukkies on the computer monitor.


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