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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Springtime in Paris

Or fall, or winter, or even for that matter, summer.  Over at the Order of the Opus Gluei, they have asked us to create something with this theme in mind: 
Springtime in Paris.
It just so happened that I was putting together an envelope for a swap and my partner mentioned that she loved
So I ignored the "springtime" part,
(although I understand today is officially the first day of spring)
and I made her a card a la gay Paree!
(Take note, Electra is making cards now)

I hope she likes it.
See, that's the really cool part of the Opus Gluei challenges, you can do whatever part of the theme you choose, or even go off on a tangent totally unrelated (like I sometimes do)
if that's what turns your crank and they
still love you!
That's so great.


  1. Love the pooch! lol! Great card, and the poobahs will love it!

  2. Oooh, la, la. Ce' wonderful. (I don't speak French, other than fries and toast.) I love that you leftout the spring part. I think we are twins. Between us we have this theme nailed. LOL

    Deena and Lori are right. I think your partner will love it. AND I know that at least one Poobah LOVES it. My first dog was a poodle. And I love the Eiffel Tower. And Pink and Black together. Great card.

  3. I am so glad I was seated when I read that you are making cards, why I would be standing while on the computer is beside the point. I love this card, not only because I have a soft spot for poodles but it has such a happy feel to it! Very lighthearted and yes, spring-ish, even if you weren't going for that. Yes, OG is delighted with tangents, flights of fancy, anything our themes inspire - it makes us feel all arty and special! The Poobahs love their Electra, so keep the art coming!

    I hope you get some warmer weather so that you start to feel as though winter is done and out of here!

  4. Love this one, I've done a paris project for this week, not that I have anything remotely Parisian in my stash, but when does that ever stop me! I'll get it posted tomorrow I hope.


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