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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Heart Art Coaster Swap

Another swap, Electra?
Yes, I'm afraid so.  This one is for a Gingersnap Creations group I belong to.
With Hearts.

I won't give any details of the processes of these works or art (hah!), 'cus I'm just too lazy, but I will give credit to Julia Van Der Werf of Cemerony for her wonderful hearts that I used.  I could use her work every day, all day and these hearts are no exception.  Hmmm, I should go to her website and buy some more...........


  1. Gorgeous work! And they're all different! Love that...really like that cracked glass look...

  2. Wow, Electra! These are beautiful! Each one fabulously unique and gorgeous! (kicking myself for not joining in on that swap!)

  3. These are truly beautiful. You are such a talented artist!


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