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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Within Arm's Reach

That's what they said.  The Poobahs, that is.  At The Order of the Opus Gluei.
The challenge ACTUALLY is to make stuff out of whatever is
lying around from your last project(s).
Easy Peasey (WHERE did that saying come from anyways?) for me, cus I have bits and pieces
I'm not kidding.
So as soon as I saw what the challenge was, I sidled up to my worktable and rooted around and made ATC's.  Lots of ATC's.  Well, maybe not as many as Jana made, but pretty darn close, I would guess.
And I only used what had been piling up on the table.
If you don't like ATC's, go have a cuppa somethin.  Cus you're about to be inundated.
1,2,buckle my shoe.
3,4, shut the door

5.6. pick up sticks7,8, um, who do we appreciate?
Hell, I don't know

9.10, I love men.
OK, it's become obvious I don't know the nursery rhyme.
But I do love to make ATC's.  Now what am I going to do with these?
I could paper my living room.
Hey, did you know when my daughter was little, she pronounced it "Livering Room"?
True story.  it was so darn cute I never corrected her.
She's smart though, she figured it out.
There's probably an ATC in this story somewhere.
Thank Poobahs for the inspiration.
Electra had a good time with this.
Check it out.

{PS, I won't give all credits, but feel free to email me if  you want to know about an element.  I will give a shout out to Maggie Hurley who created the sweet little owl in the armchair, and to Phenomenon1859 for the dress mannequin and the fairy in the jar.  They are both wonderful works of art.)


  1. Your work as always is inspiring.
    Thanks for coming by and leaving such a kind comment on my Haiku mini-book. I'm just stunned by what's happened in Japan now.

  2. these are great...don't you just love that kind of challenge? i could have kept making stuff all night on my desk...decided to cut it at 5, but now i am wishing i had done more...oh well, there is always next week ;)

  3. Hail Queen of ATCs....... you make me dizzy scrolling up and down giggling at bits here and there, and loving it all. Can't wait to get busy back in my quiet and very mess space...... You know that if it wasn't for you, I would NEVER have made an ATC.

  4. These are absolutely amazing! I so love them!!!

  5. These are wonderful. I love your sense of composition. It's so fresh and cheeky at times. LOVE all of these ATC's. Yup, I say go for it and wallpaper a room in your home. You are such a great friend for indulging our whims at OPUS GLUEI everyweek. Thank you so much. We Poobahs bow down to YOU.

  6. I for one LOVE ATC's. Yours are wonderful.

  7. These are all so damn cool. I love all of them. And I'm not sure who made the most or Jana..all I know guys have a lot of stuff laying around...

  8. Darling Electra,how your Poobahs love ya, and your projects. You always bring humor and great projecs and again, no exception! Your ATCs are marvelous - and I agree with Jana, fresh and cheeky and we love our fresh and cheeky!


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