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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Goin' Postal

Challenge #92 at The Order of the Opus Gluei is just that: 
Goin' Postal.
The base is one of Tim Holtz' Faded Texture Dies (at least I think that's what they are called).
It's a natural for this theme, don't you agree?
It's been inked with Ranger's Distress Inks.
The doily, which I glimmer-misted is one of Martha Sterwart's. Well, not one of her VERY OWN.  I was turned onto them by one of the OG Poobah's Rosemary, so it's only fitting I use it here.  Plus I found it at the bottom of a drawer where I stuck it when I bought it and forgot about it.  Have you ever done that?
No?  Never mind then.
I have no idea where the black frame came from, I've had it since the Inquisition.
The heart, oh, the heart! is by Cemerony and I LOVE IT!!!  I covered it in Utee and then cracked it a bit. The curly glittery thingie is from Mikey's.
Even though I am currently detoxing myself from Mikey's, I did accidentally find myself in there one day and (also) accidentally bought this.  Must have been in a black-out.  I'm sure of it.
Has that every happened to you?  No? Never mind then.


  1. Wow Electra! I just love this. I have that folder and couldn't think outside the box. Thanks for the inspiration. xxoo

  2. oh oh I think I over fed Lucy, she's so cute.

  3. I love this post card! the colours are great and I have to agree, the heart is awesome....still freezing my butt off over about you guys? nothing like -30 and having to plug in in March...what is with that?

  4. Oh, it's just lovely. I adore all the layers. The texture fade is just perfect for this. The heart is a beauty!! Glad I got to see this.

  5. This is way cooler than the tag I made using that TF. Love that black swirly thingie, and that heart is very cool, great piece of postal art!

  6. How beautiful! The heart is stunning.

  7. Oh Electra, at least I know better than to be consuming ANY liquids when reading one of your posts. You have a marvelous, wonderful, hilarious sense of humor and I love you (for that and lots more!). I don't know what made me laugh more, a frame you've had since the inquisition, never mind then, or detoxing from Michael's. It almost distracted me from your lovely postcard! But I am a professional Poobah and pulled myself back to admire this postcard and all its luscious elements. I really like that TH die, I think I must have it. The UTEE on the heart with the crackling is grand. Oh I could go on and on, because I really really like this, so I shall stop now and continue chuckling heartily at your cleverness.

  8. WOWOWOWOW. This is GOR-G-OUS. I love that folder, your heart is dreamy and it all came together so beautfully. You are the perfect GROUPEI.

  9. Gorgeous work Electra! Love the cracked heart and all the layers!
    Have A Fabulous Weekend!
    Nancy :D


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