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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Party Like You Mean It!

You know the Poobahs, right?  Well, they thought I should toddle over to their Challenge #93-Show Us Some New Tricks and share my experience with felt-making with the gang over there.
I'm stubborn.
I wanted to try something else new.
And then along comes Gingersnap Creations  with their shout-out for Mardi Gras and it came to me!  Just like that.
OK, "What's new about this?" you ask.
"It's just more of your usual mish mash, Electra!"
Well, no, it's not, actually.
See when I was blurfing yesterday, I came across my buddy Lori's "Perfect Stamping" technique that she learned from the talented Wendy Vecchi and I loved it!
So I tried it.  And no, you cannot see it on the background of this gorgeous ATC, so I'm sorry about that.  But it's there. You'll have to trust me on that one. It involves distress inks, Perfect Pearls mist and a stamp. 
But since you can't see the wonderful sparkle in it, you'll have to go see Lori's.  Or Wendy's
I tried to get a good photo of the sparklies, trying all sorts of different lighting and different angles and then I realized, I pretty much covered it all up with stuff.  duh.
The stuff I used is Peeled Paint distress ink on the background, Perfect Pearls (right, I said that)  in gold, the glasses are a stamp by "Declassified", covered with stickles of course, gold embossing powder on the edges.  Oh let's see, her dress is scrunched mulberry paper I've had since 1982.  Saving it JUST for THIS project. Um, assorted bling.  And the piece de resistance, the gold mask that was in my delightful matchbox that came from Jan's Arty Journey...then a feather from some poor chick's butt and the brooch.  Oh, the brooch.  Isn't it gorgeous!  I just had to buy it at Mikey's.  It called my name.  And here it is.
So now go visit the Poobahs, cus they started this.
Holy cow.
I'm exhausted.
But not too tired to sing along with American Idol.
C'mon you do it too.  You know you do.
And the background is green.  I don't know why it doesn't look green.  Cameras do that, you know.
I'm not stupid, I know the Mardis Gras colours!  I went to New Orleans once.
But I don't remember much of it.
That's a whole other blog.
One you probably should not read.
Not if we're going to stay friends.


  1. this is sooo much fun in one little card...and i can see the sparkle...some of it came through in the picture...the elusive sparkle...isn't that always the way?

  2. wow - what a great vibrant piece - thanks for visiting my blog - my lady stamp has now been used - I did some digging and found out she was Julia - Julius Caesar's daughter - the things you learn whilst stamping! lol x

  3. Awesome piece! Thanks so much for joining in our celebration of Mardi Gras!

  4. This is so super fun! I love it!

  5. Wow! That IS the most links, EVER! Thanks for mentioning me..and great tech, isn't it? LOVE IT! Especially on your piece here! Fantastic work...oops, wait a minute.. need to go pick up my beads....(get it? Mardi Gra, beads... lol)

  6. Ohhh its fabby Electra, I sooo love your work and this one is a real cheery piece and full of bling ... yep i love bling. Thanks so much for your support my friend, I hope your week is going well
    Hugs June x

  7. More links than I know what to do with, I'm very impressed!
    I don't think the chick will mind missing a tail feather for this gorgeous creation of colour and bling, such a fabulous brooch that go so well with the Dame Edna Everage glasses! Reminds me of a certain greenhorn...gotta love tasteful glasses :-)

  8. She a beauty. I love all the stuff going on. I am sure that poor little chick will grow another butt feather. LOL Thanks so much for sharing your creation with us. I'll head over to see how to do this technique that we can't see, but TOTALLY know is there because you said it is. I CAN see that there is a shiny something on the background. This Poobah LOVE's this Mardi Gras celebration.


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