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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday Fill Ins

1. Why does it _matter, really?_.

2. _tablespoon_ is equal _to 2.5 teaspoons, I think_.

3. My favorite breakfast includes _Nachos and cheese_.

4. _Orange is the new black_ was the last book I read _and it was really interesting_.

5. I am SO glad _this week is almost over_.

6. _A back rub and come to think of it, a foot rub_ would make me feel better right now.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _some crafting_, tomorrow my plans include _more crafting_ and Sunday, I want to _craft_!

I need some crafting for my soul.

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  1. Hi! I know it's been ages - but it's nice to drop in and see your spot again. I'm not sure I could do Nacho's for breaky, but Im all for the back rub and foot massage! Happy crafting this weekend!

  2. I am liking all of these! Especially a back and foot rub...that sounds marvelous.

    Hope you get your crafting time too!

  3. love the nachos and cheese for breakfast - something I could really go for
    have fun crafting this weekend!! I plan on digital scrapbooking most of the weekend

  4. Nachos and cheese for breakfast sounds awesome, I must try that.. :P

    I want a back rub and a foot massage too! :)

    Have fun crafting this weekend! :)

    My FFI's are here. :)

  5. Hey i like that idea of nachos for breakfast. I will have to try that.
    Crafting is good for the soul :)

  6. May I suggest a little crafty time this weekend. Nachos and cheese sounds like a great breakfast.

  7. Orange does seem to be the new black! It is refreshing, though perhaps not as slimming. :) Happy Weekend!

  8. Crafting!! You lucky duck. Hope you had fun at TM the other day!

  9. a foot rub would be on my list too.

    enjoy your crafting this weekend. i am going to pal chris' for couple of days crafting it when we girls get together.

    oh and love the self

    take care
    love chriss x

  10. Your tablespoon measurement is wrong! Come over to my site for the right answer. (Apparently we were on the same wavelength at least.)

    Sorry I am so late; busy weekend! My answers are over at The Philosophy of Chairs.


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