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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Compendium of Curiosities #35

We've come to the end of Linda Ledbetter's Compendium of Curiosities Challenge.  I'm so sad.  The ONLY good thing about this ending is that I no longer have to spell "Compendium of Curiosities".  I struggled with that, big-time. In fact, I feel like I should spell it wrong, just to show you how hard I found it.  I won't. But you need to know that is the ONLY good thing about the end of this.
I would like to send a
to Linda for all her hard work.  I can't imagine how she's managed to do it all.  but she has.  and if you didn't take part, it's your loss.
Cus it was wonderful!!
Here is my last effort Design Details from Page 67:

Thank you Linda, for inspiring me!


  1. this is soo very pretty...i just love those colours together...and the embossing fits in so perfectly!

  2. What a beautiful tag, Electra! Love the steampunk image and fabulous quote! your design details are gorgeous!! :)

  3. This artwork is sooo beautiful! Good job!

  4. A fabulous end piece for these great challenges. Love it. Annette x

  5. This is absolutely FABULOUS!!!

  6. Oh my! This is FANTASTIC! I love all the embossed pieces, just totally AWESOME!

  7. Oh Electra, this is so beautiful.


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