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Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's getting cold again.

There is a commercial currently on TV where they sing something like "We Canadians like to canoe and run around in our snowshoes".
Which Canadians would that be?
There is another one that says some (really stupid) stuff such as, "No self-respecting Canadian would say, 'Let's wait until it's warmer' and 'Braving the cold is a Canadian past-time'.
Which Canadian would that be?
I'm Canadian and frankly, I'm waiting for them to come out with an i-scarf for the i-phone.
Give me strength.
Anyways, in the spirit of the first day of spring, I give you

And finally
Are ya warm enough yet?
Happy Spring!
Oh yeah.
Did I mention I'm Canadian?


  1. Beautiful layouts!
    Shame I can't knit otherwise I would of made you a scarf for your i-phone LOL
    You sure you are Canadian?? ALOL

    Jan x

  2. Those are some awesome pics and some excellent pages...I am with you on the Canadian winter thing...but I must say, my kids LOVE that commercial and sing it with an aire of sarcasm that you wouldn't hear from anyone who hasn't lived through at least one true "Canadian" winter!

  3. Opera voice again....FABULOUS! Love all these layouts, and the comment about the Iscarf was totally hysterical. And there's your million dollar idea.

  4. Yeah, I don't know who created that, but they must be crazy. I am Canadian although I live in Michigan but the rest of my family are pretty much all in Canada and they would not say that. How crazy!!!!! Hope it isn't too cold again for you. We are supposed to get some snow again tomorrow and Wednesday. Inches of snow again. yuck!

  5. Your layouts are so well done. Just beautiful. But oh my goodness it looks so cold there! Happy spring?

  6. Great layouts. Love the swirly paper. Love the masks and ink snowflakes. LOVE the! And you used my favourite paper on the lawn chair page! yay! (it's the red along the side, in case you were wondering...)

  7. Now then... who's been a busy girl;-D and beautifully so I might add. Stunning pages me lovely... snow is lovely to look at but OMG I hate it when it comes here... I don't do cold very
    Chris xx

  8. awesome pages mom!

    I'll share them with Brooks family. :)

  9. Aaaah love the last one, what a fabulous shot of your girl!
    These are all wonderful :-)

  10. I am so sick of that Tide commercial. First, not all Canadians live in constant subzero temperatures during the winter. I live in Vancouver and most of the time it just rains all the time. And second, I dont embrace the winter! I HATE IT! Ugh! Beautiful looking blog btw.


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