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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Over at Take A Word this week's theme is Celebrate.
I had some trouble coming up with anything and then decided it didn't have to be something "traditional" like a birthday or, first, we celebrate this gentleman getting a date.
I mean, LOOK at him.

we celebrate the birth of these little birdies.
(I have no idea when Cardinals are born, but it seemed December-ish and besides, magpies are SO annoying.)
Click on each image to see the fine print.
(and the little birdies.)


  1. These both have me giggling. For different reasons. That man might be okay with a shower and a shave. But yikes!! as is. That poor girl looks like she wants to run.

    The birdie one is adorable. I love it.

    Both of these are great.

  2. These are both fantastic! That first one is so funny and the second one is adorable!

  3. Both are totally awesome! That guy, wowza, is ZZ Top back together?
    The second is really cute!

  4. I love BOTH your art pieces. Each one gave me a smile. Thanks for sharing your talent. Happy holiday season to you and yours!

  5. LOVE the cardinal card. I suspect Magpies are your version of our California Crows.
    thanks for checking in...I know I'm due to post!!
    Merry Christmas sweet-stuff!

  6. I think the old boy will have a long wait for a date, fresh smelling breath or not!! He reminds me of my husband who is an old codger but who thinks he is still 25 and good looking and he lives in hope of some beautiful young woman sweeping him off his feet. As if!!

    I love both pieces, Electra.

    Tomorrow is the big day when I unveil your beautiful artpiece. Can't wait!!

    Happy New Year.


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