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Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm not allowing myself

to sit at the puter tonight.  When I do that, and start to make "just one little thing" in the realm of digital art, I don't get anything else done.  NOR do I get to bed on time.  NOR (as was the case this morning) do I get up for work on time.  BAD Electra!
SO, I've got nothing for ya tonight.    Just a couple of thoughts.

Well, OK, I got one thing done.
but I didn't do it on the puter!
Stay warm, my friends.


  1. Child daycare - what a hoot! It's gonna be that cold here soon, too. Love the card you made. Just hope you got to bed early, all cozy & warm for a long winter nap ;-) Hugs

  2. Those are cute! I love that photo piece!

  3. Glad I just found your blog, I've been chuckling the whole time I was there, and can't waste any more time! But, I'll be back! Too funny, the Canadian daycare hitching post LOL!!!

  4. ROFL! Hysterical, just love these, and the last one is BEAUTIFUL!

  5. I love the Canadian Child Care hitching post here...we have that going on on our front door this hand froze to the door handle trying to get all the Christmas flyers in the house....yikes it's brisk here today!


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