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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yes, it's changed again.

I hated my last blog background.  Nothing about the background, it was just that every time I opened my blog, I felt nauseous.  So I had to change it.  For the record, I spent A LONG TIME creating my own holiday background, following instructions I found online, and I couldn't install it.  No matter what I did.  (Have a mentioned blooger hates me-wait-is it that I hate blogger?  Yeah, that's it.  Have I mentioned I hate blogger?)  At any rate, I like this one.  spent about an hour at work today finding it.  Oops.  did I say that out loud?  I know, I should have been working.  We had our staff Christmas luncheon and Secret Santa today and I got a
Michaels gift card!!!!!
I love Santa.
Must go shopping now.
Gotta run.
Later Gator.


  1. Awesome background! Love the colors, it's so you! Yea, that's why I don't screw around with my background, boring as it may be. I'm afraid I'll do something to screw the whole thing up.

  2. H aha Blogger is a pain but you did get you new background up and running and it looks wonderful... hugs wendy

  3. You won a Michael's card and posted BEFORE using it? Talk about self control, I haven't got that much!!! Congrats!

    BTW, I like this background better, the other was fine but I admit I like this one even more!


    Now tell us what you spent your Michael's card on!!!


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