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Monday, December 13, 2010

Rock Candy Distress Stickles Childhood!

I combined two challenges this week, Take A Word with their fun theme of Childhood and Linda's Compendium of Curiosities Challenge 24
Great combination, doncha think?
Can you see the rock candy?
Here, look closer...
This is a picture frame, in case you can't tell, and it HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CHRISTMAS!!
What a rebel I am!!!
My plan was to put a photo of either me as a little girl or my own girl as a little girl, but alas, I didn't get to that.  Besides this little girl from Lisa's Altered Art is much sweeter than either of us.
Not cuter, just sweeter.
Notice the ruler?  I found that at a garage sale and it's even carved with the name of a little kid (boy, not girl, but nonetheless, childhood is gender-neutral).  Isn't it perfect?
And while I'm at it, I was remembering some of the things my mother used to do to torutre me when I was at her mercy, things like perming my hair, from the age of 6 on, forcing me to watch the Sound of Music, (OK, that was much later, but it still made me mad) and dressing me up like her own little Shirley Temple.
THIS is what I say to her!
Rest her soul.


  1. Great pictures Electra...I had to laugh at your childhood love/hate relationship with your mother...mine is still on going.

  2. Wonderful collage of childhood- the good and not so good memories are all part of the story. Lovely work!

  3. You are amazing. I love your cards and your humor! The love/hate is very recognizable (is that even a word??) Anyways, great work!

  4. Great work Electra. Love the rock candy collage. yes I smiled at your love/hate relationship with your Mum. I had one of those too! LOL! Hugs xx

  5. Great collage of childhood things! Lots of things to see. I remember rock candy. Whatever happened to it?

  6. Terrific collage Electra and wow thats a load of Stickles, brilliant. Annette x

  7. Awesome, awesome, piece! Love it with all that Rock Candy on there! And it's not Christmasy! lol!

  8. Be Merry so I don't have to...oh, Lordy, that had me chuckling. These are great. The effect of the Rocky Candy stickles is very cool and magical.

  9. Now, I liked the Sound of Music but I did have dreaded home perms. EEEKKKK

  10. Hi Patti! Sorry to be so late with my comments this week. Your artwork is wonderful and whimsical and your writing is hilarious. Thanks for the giggles!!
    Bev asks whatever happened to rock candy. I know. Dental work!! Rock candy could pull out a filling better than any dentist.

  11. Hey there, you awesome artist/person/friend! What a spectacular work of art, Electra (you rebel!). I love all those cool little elements you used-- it's a controlled explosion of beautiful stuff, and I love how it came together.

    Your mom did that too, huh? Mine always made me sleep on those nasty pink foam rollers, and I remind her of her undue cruelty every chance I get. She just laughs.

    I love your "merry" card. That's what I was getting to when I got sidetracked by painful roller memories. It made me laugh out loud. A lot.

    Hugs, and hugs some more. I hope your holiday week is awesome and, yes, merry!

  12. Wauw!! How reconizing! Good expression.


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