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Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm Frosted!

Well, not ME actually, although I spent a couple of hours at the zoo tonight and the temperature is 15 below zero.  So I'm damn chilly.  Does that count?  Well, it should.
The Poobahs over at

I thought a snow-woman would suffice.
BUT, in my blurfing the other night I found a cool site that probably everyone but me already knows about:
and I thought it looked like fun. 
So here is my card contribution.
That's right, I Said CARD.
We all know I hate making cards.  Well, I have mellowed, my friends.  I may actually be starting to enjoy making cards a teeny tiny bit.  Not sure.  Stranger things have happened.
Anyways, here it is:
This is also
Notice the roofs. or is that rooves.  Oh whatever.  There you have it.
But that's not all!
Page Maps also have a LO contest going on.
Fun, Fun, Fun!
And you thought I'd been laying on the couch eating bon bons.
OK, it's way past my bedtime. 
Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.
Oh wait, according to CNN, that's actually become an issue again.  Bedbugs.
Good Grief.
I take it back.
Just sleep.


  1. You're so funny, you really gave me a smile! Lovely cards. xx

  2. I dislike making cards as well, but yours are fab. I love both the styles. Annette x

  3. Ohhhh gorgeous cute :)
    I would like to use your work for the dezinaworld everyone wins challenge to display on my website so just popped by to ask your permission. Could you let me know if that is ok please ? Also just checking with everyone that they got their prizes ? again, please let me know if you did or not and if not i will send you the link
    hugs June

  4. Wow!!!! You made a card, for little ol' Opus Gluei! YAY, and it's marvelous too! Very happy and cozy with that Electra wit evident.

    Now, about going to the zoo in the freezing cold - were you seeking out the polar bears for inspiration on this challenge?

    THANKS, as always, for participating in our Opus Gluei challenges - you are a true friend of ours and always make us look good!!!

  5. The zoo? What kind of animal is out to see this time of year besides a polar bear? lol! Your card is wonderful, as is your layout, gorgeous!

  6. You crack me up. Love your humor.
    The card is gorgeous. I love all the bright cheery colors. And boy, oh boy, is that snowman ever cute.
    The zoo??? Really! WOW. I am such a cold weather wimp, I barely make it to work when it gets below freezing. (It only happens about 2 days a year. LOL.)


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