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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Scribble Stain Distress

Linda's Compendium of Curiosities Challenge #24 is exactly that:  Scribble Stain Distress.
Do you know what that is exactly?  Hah!  I'm not going to tell you.  You need to open your Mr. H's book to page 34 and learn it for yourself.  THEN, you need to make something with it and get on over to StudioL3 and post what it is you've made.  Get busy.  You might want to have it done before New Year's Eve, so you can get plastered if that's your thing.  You shouldn't be doing this technique when you're plastered.  Not that I would know if that's REALLY a bad thing.  Just sayin.
Hey, why is New Year's Eve capitalized?  Is it someone famous' birthday?  Or do we get candy?  I never know what the deal is.  I just live in my own little world.  But it's OK.  They know me here.


  1. Terrific tag Electra, love the background and that super owl. Wishing you a Happy New Year. Annette x

  2. That is so cute! Post and tag. Have a Happy New Year.

  3. Stunning tag, i just adore the owl, is it a stamp, who's it by.. i need one :P

  4. Awesome tag, love the pine trees and that owl! So cool....hope you have a Happy New Year, no matter what you decide to do!

  5. In response, the owl IS a tag, and like I so often do, I bought it quite a while ago and threw the packaging out. BAD Electra. :-(

  6. Very cool tag! And I agree, the owl is a pretty cool one!

  7. Holy cow, Electa, this ROCKS!!! There's not a single thing about it I don't absolutely love, from the gorgeous scribble stained background to the COOL owl to the embossed trees and brilliant pops of white.

    Oh, Happy 2011, by the way! I'm awfully grateful that 2010 brought me your friendship, and I'm so looking forward to another year of craft-tastic fun with you!

    I did not get candy for New Years Eve, by the way, and given how much I consumed for Christmas, that's probably a really good thing!


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