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Monday, December 6, 2010

You've Got Mail!

This week at Take A Word, they have given us the word "Mail" to play with.
He's pining.  Isn't that a great word: pining?
I think so.
Have you made yours yet?  Why not?
You have a whole week, better get busy!


  1. Yes, pining IS a great word, but superb is the word for your collage! Fun to look at, and very well done! Thanks for sharing your talent.

  2. This is awesome. And pining certainly describes his expression.

  3. Oh wow this is stunning.
    Brilliant mail art.

  4. Lovely work! Fantastic collage.xx

  5. This is terrific Electra...what a yummy collage...and you are definatly right pining is a great word...although it kind of sounds like you're chopping down Christmas trees...anyway awesome job girlfriend!!!

  6. He may be pining but he looks a bit shifty to me. No-one uses "pining" anymore. What a pity!! This is a wonderful collage, Patti, full of good humour and sense of fun and great artwork.


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