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Thursday, December 29, 2011

80 Themes

Kimmie's Digital Whisper 100 Themes inspired me.
In fact, I would attribute any progress I have made in digital art, to this Challenge.
Having said that, it is one day before the end of the year and I must confess, I have 20 Themes left.
:-( sniff, sniff.
I really meant to do it.
But I only got 80 done.
So I shall continue well into the next year, and finish them all.
on my own.
The other artists who particpated in this challenge set up a separate blog for their 100 themes,
 but I didn't do this until about a month ago.
So that's where all 80 are now.
That place is called
So I'll be hanging out there from time to time.
For now, I'll leave you with my last creation:

About as far from Christmas as you can get, eh?
20 more to come.


  1. 80 is pretty good! I am very far behind on the challenge, but I agree with you: there's always next year. Have a Happy New Year!


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