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Friday, December 30, 2011

Jingle Belles Rock!

They do so too, right?
It's a new year (almost) and the first challenge over at the Jingle Belles Challenge blog is
They are some witty belles, doncha think?
And the best part of this challenge is that they invited me to take part!
How cool is that?
(Can you hear me singing "Jingle Bell Rock"?  I am)

The other good news is that you too can play along with the Belles and make a Christmas card every two weeks, then come next Christmas, you'll have all that work done and can just put your feet up, sip a little eggnog and pat yourself on the back while all your friends are out there standing in long lines at the
Post Office and frantically glueing red and greeen construction paper together.
NOT THAT there is anything wrong with red and green construction paper, mind you.
I use it a fair bit myself.
It's just that you'd probably rather be in your jammies in front of a blazing fire,
feeeling self-satisfied, come next December, right?

HOWEVER, when I made my card for this challenge, I was in more of a pink mood.
Pretty easy-peasy, this first one.
I fully intend to get all complicated as the year unfolds. 
You'll have to play along and see if the same thing happens to you.

Taking back December one Holiday Card at a Time.

Remember, your eggnog awaits.


  1. I love this sparkly, festive card and it is perfect for the challenge. Thank you for the JB inspiration.


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