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Friday, December 9, 2011

Chrismas Joy 3

House Decorations. 
I love the lights, the reindeer that swing their heads, the nativity scenes, the wreaths.
The only thing I don't like is those horrendous (IMO) inflated
monster snowmen/sleighs, penguins et al.
They creep me out, especially the next morning
when they are lying on the lawn with all the air let out of them,
 looking like something from a science-fiction film.

Oops, I accidentally got up on a soap box that was nearby.
Sorry bout that.

I love the decorations.  What's your favorite thing that you see in yards in your neighbourhood?


  1. Lol, I have to agree about the inflatables,lol

    We had a neighbour who had an inflatable father Christmas, above his door....every morning the father Christmas looked as if he was doing some thing naughty to himself, where he had deflated, and was tied to the side of the house,lol.
    I dont put anything outside my house, as we dont live on a wonderful estate, and things like decorations are often stolen, but inside hubby calls it Santa's Grotto lol, its taken a good 2 and a half weeks to put the decorations up lol.
    I do love the picture, fabulous, is it a wall hanging?

  2. Have to agree about the inflatable things. We have the Festival of Lights outside our front door and get to enjoy thousands of lights every night.

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy the season!

  3. Ha! Accidental soapbox, how funny. I don't hate the inflatables, but I'm glad they aren't mine! Love the 'welcome' sign on this gorgeous piece.

  4. This is a gorgeous piece dear Electra. I agree too about the inflatables but we all have different tastes I guess.
    I just love your work! Big Hugs xx

  5. Ah, the inflatables aren't at my home but to each his own (I love my soapbox too and pull it out frequently, so no worries)

    I do love the beautifully decorated exteriors with swags and wreaths and lots of wonderful twinkling lights (and a nativity is marvelous, though I am having trouble finding one I can afford!)

    Okay, on my soapbox, I don't like the cold LED lights; I know they are "green" but they are also too cold looking. Now stepping daintily from my soapbox and jingling bells!

    Love your JOYS!!!!

  6. Oh, I love decorations as well but the inflatables...hmmmmm...I'm with you there. Creepy little things. ;-)

  7. This is fabulous!I'm with you on the inflatables!

  8. I love decorating with lights and greenery. You should come over sometime. We are the house with the inflatable Santa on a motorcycle. LOL No. Seriously. We are. He's a bad ass though. Rides 24/7. Nothing deflated until it's time for him to go back up.


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