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Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas!

Fluffy and white and reasonably warm. 
Just cold enough that that fully white sparkly stuff doesn't turn into brown slush.
(or, heaven forbid, ice!)

That's what the Poobahs are up to over at
Dreaming of a White Christmas.
I made a banner in the spirit-
That's what I feel when I'm out in the snow.
(SNOW, I said, not STORM or minus-40 weather)

Each one started with some lace from Mikeys.  I edged some old silver paper I had, with it.
On top of that is some white cardstock I ran through my Cuttlebug, to make a snowflake pattern.
I had some REALLY SHINY silver paper that I have no idea what I was saving for, and I made some of Tim's rosettes out of that.  Put a punched snowflake on the rosettes.
I cut rosette shapes out of my photos and edged each of them with silver Liquid Pearls
A glittered letter on top and put it all together with some silver and white ribbon/twine from Mikeys.
Whatever would we do without Mikeys?

Now you can take a break from all that cookie-eating, eggnog-swilling behaviour
and create something to do with a White Christmas.
And link up with us at


  1. Your banner is amazing. I love that you used your very own photographic masterpieces. All of the delicate details are perfect.

  2. oh, where were you when I had to make my banner at work...mine is tacky and yours is so elegant and peaceful....I knew I should have contracted that job out to someone else! Hope you have some great holidays with this mild weather...we are supposed to hit +5 today...unheard of!

  3. Oh my goodness! Just looking at this lovely banner brings me peace. I must show my daughter. She loves to make banners.

  4. I think this is gorgeous! I love banners and this is the prettiest I've seen yet. The idea of using your own photographs is brilliant, and I think the details of sparkle, the lace (love that), the embossing, and I could go on and on - but suffice to say, that all of the elements came together BEAUTIFULLY. Also, the gentle colors really emphasize subtly the message. Very lovely and peaceful. Mwah, great job!

  5. Absolutely beautiful Electra, that shiny paper was waiting for you to get the Tim Holtz die so you could make this glorious hanging!
    The shiny will get you every-single-time, there is no point fighting it, none at all, just lie back and float on the shiny shiny LOL!
    Merry Christmas my sweet :-)


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