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Saturday, December 3, 2011


Jana has given us the sweet theme of
for our theme today at
Well, not just today, but two full weeks you have to link up with something alon the lines of a
gingerbread recipe, dwelling, girl, boy, or in my case, a gingerbread-Victoria-Secret-Model.
I call her CHARME (pronounced Charmay)
Did you watch this years VS Show this past Tuesday?
Were you as depressed as I was?
At your lost youth?
OK, so maybe I never quite looked like those women on that runway.
But I do love the outfits.
They wore wings and tutus and I noticed in a lot of pictures the models were making these faces that kind of looked like they were yelling (in joy, I suppose, given the size of their paycheck for this thing)
Anyway, I found a face of a little girl who looked much like the screaming models.
And a gingerbread (person) chipboard form that actually
came from my good friend Jana, who is the creator of this theme. 
She must really love gingerbread. 
Jana, not the little girl.
Although the little girl might.
I painted her and covered here with holographic embossing powder, then made her a tutu, with a waistband from my ribbon stash. 
A Christmas sentiment instead of a button
 on her non-existent VS bra for her non-existent litle gingerbread boobies..
Acrylic wings edged with stickles.
An embossed hat with a cotton batting pom pom and a sticker which really says it all on the hat.

AND, her hat and the model herself are all edged with Puff paint which I heated to puff up.
I thought you might think it was icing.

And Voila!
A gingerbread Victoria-Secret Model.
(Well, I never!)


  1. Oh my gosh, it took me a second to respond as I'm still chuckling over this post. No, in our youth we didn't resemble these models because our bodies were real and not artificially enhanced (even for OUR nonexistent boobies -LOL). Yep, I think the yelling was either with glee over the paychecks or perhaps with surprise at how cold they were in such little clothing.

    Charme is adorable, better than the models and quite the charm-er! Sure, she started out as just chipboard but ooh la la, she is so much more!

    But still not understanding how much lovely neighbor to the north cannot like gingerbread...

  2. I giggled hysterically in a good way when I saw this fun....

  3. Now this is a gingerbread that I could eat! Shiny and pink - perfect!
    LOL at your post, Charme is most definitely the best dressed Gingerbread Lady this Christmas :-)

  4. I think that more of the VS models should look like Charme. She's the perfect gingerbread. I'd eat her up. I'm still giggling at the gingerbread boobies. LOVE her.


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