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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's All About Me

I've never taken part in 
And tonight I just wanted to make stuff on the computer.  Just make all sorts of stuff.
The theme.
all about me
is so perfect for me, sometimes I can really have ingrown eyeballs.
It spoke to me, y'know?
Anyways, here:

In case you think I'm being egotistical (THAT is a big word)
It's exactly the opposite.
I suffer from a monumental lack of self-confidence.
So let this be a new beginning for me.
today anyhow.

Elements used are by
Cemerony, Beth Rimmel, Amanda Sok, Laurie Anderson, Rachaels Scraps,
New Life Dreams Designs, Becca and Tumblefish Studios.


  1. A FANTASTIC artist, too, Electra, love the bright bold colours, spectacular creation!

  2. It's just dandy Electra! Wonderful work! I think we all feel as though our work is not as good as others. Something about the artistic mind wanting to be a perfectionist....or something! LOL!
    Your work is always beautiful! xx

  3. A VERY talented artist, Electra. This one is awesome and I'm pleased the theme spoke to you too. I hope we see you playing along again very soon.

    Happy New Year, my friend.

  4. What a beautiful page -- and brave statement. Good for you! Well done.

  5. Oh, good golly girlie. YOU are so extremely, very talented. How can you possibly doubt yourself! Why if I were there, I believe I would thunk your silly little head. And then run like hell....
    This is a great piece.

  6. There is only one you, only one person who creates the way you do, so your quotes in your digi art are absolutely correct, you are those things because you are unique.
    It's not egotistical at all, you are merely stating a logical fact :-)
    Plus I am absolutely loving your digi creations this Christmas, you are on such a vibrant perfectly formed roll right now.
    I on the other hand am on a wheat free ham roll, and need to get back in the creative saddle so to speak!


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