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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Joys of Christmas-Day 2

I like candles
Lit ones, of course.
I like to light candles (and my fire) and sit in the living room feeling all warm and cozy.
And I like the special scents that seem to arrive at Christmas.
This year, it's sugar cookies for me.
So that's my second joy of Christmas.


  1. Oh, I love candles too. I usually forget to light them until I see them. :-( I am so happy that you are playing along with Rosemary and I. It was just a passing thought in a conversation. You know how that goes.

  2. Jana's right, it was a passing thought and now it is spreading and we likey (a lot). This joy is a lovely one, candles are so cozy I'm with you, I like having that light in the room to start feeling relaxed. It's marvelous. I love sugar cookie aromas or a really well done fir tree scent. Ahhhhh


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