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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bling-Kin-Eck Template!

One of the blogs I visit regularly is Bling-Kin-Eck. Chris, whose blog this is, does some really wonderful work, and this week, she has generously given us a freebie template with a challenge to make something with it. So, this is what I've done. I'd love to say I have some interesting story about the woman behind the doors, like she's my grandmother or something and she's laughing at something precious I was doing as a tiny child, at the time, but NOPE. She's part of a stamp called "Waiting for Mr. Right" by I have no idea who. I have the stamp in my hand but there is no name on it anywhere. I tried. At any rate, this was a fun project and it now is in a place of honour in my living room, along with the blues and forest green and clashes, but hey, it's all about art, right? thanks for the template and inspiration Chris! I hope you go over and visit her.


  1. I'll bet this looks wonderful, and just pops in the sea of blues and greens. I LOVE the colors you used. She is smirking for a reason. Mr Right...hmmm. Makes me wonder "what" he did right.

  2. I am so amazingly in love with this piece!!! I cannot even begin to tell you! It is beautiful and intriguing and just draws me right in and makes me happy! Hey...I have something to ask you, but I need your email and I can't find it even though I know I have it! LOL! Shoot me a quick note so I can reply! LOL!

  3. This is awesome, and those colors are HOT!

    I totally think you should just make up some kind of whack story to go along with the image. Or, when people come visiting and ask, just smile slyly and say, "Oh, we don't talk about her. Black sheep, you know..."

  4. Good grief, Jana, you think the way I do, but I just don't say it out loud! LOL

  5. Wow! This is a fun palace and I love the double doors. Looks like you enjoyed making it - it oozes 'happy'.


  6. Awesome work, gf. Love the colors, and I think Jana and Linda summed it up pretty well on the

  7. Wowsa you did an absolutely amazing job with the template hun... brilliant.
    Love the gorgeous colours you used and oh that stamped image is wickedly funny... looks a bit like how I imagine myself to look when I get old :D
    oooops I mean when I get older rofl
    Thanks so much for joining in with the challenge :D
    Chris xx

  8. Wonderful love the colours. Love your cat, adorable. Have a great day. Anesha


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