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Monday, April 19, 2010

Postcard Swap

I have a fear of drawing. Normally I would do it, in the dark, in my closet, in a seedy hotel room in another city, IF I were to do it at all.HOWEVER, I signed up for a postcard swap through Swapbot and the theme required us to send a postcard (either store-bought-gasp!-or handmade) of an imaginary place. First, I did a digital image of a floating castle that I found on the Internet, and embellished it, but then I read my partner's profile and decided it really wasn't appropriate for her. Which was good, cus I promptly LOST it. :-(
So tonight I threw caution to the winds and drew up this little picture instead. I would have liked to have cuttlebugged the duckies, but I'm afraid that would cause problems with the Post Office. (did I mention our Post Office in Canada is run by psychopaths?) So the duckies are flat. I would like to say that they are laughing to themselves (can you see the smirks on their fluffy yellow faces?) cus they are watching the geese fly south and they KNOW that it's just a waste of energy, cus it's nice now and snowing tomorrow and then warm and sunny and snowing again the next day. The poor geese are SO confused. They go back and forth and forth and back. But then, you know about our weather here. It's only the geese who don't.
See the footprints on the ducks? That's the cat, who walks WHEREVER she wants to, including on the ducks. Just like My cat. (the little cretin)


  1. I have the same fear! The thought of drawing makes me break out in a cold sweat. But look at how cool YOURS turned out! This makes me want to grab my colored pencils and give it a whirl!

    As always, you crack me up! For a second there, I misread and thought you'd actually inked up your cat's paws and had her walk across the ducks. Then I got it!

    You did a fabulous piece here, and your swap partner is lucky!

  2. You did well! And you are a BRAVE girl as far as I'm concerned! I DO. NOT. DRAW! I suck at it. Big time, dude! Big time!

  3. You did fine! Even though it was dark in the the duckies with cat prints. The whole post just cracks me up, really...

  4. YAY you drew. I love it. You went outside of your comfort zone and made something that has never been before. It's a wonderful piece. I love those smirking ducks. Congrats on the accomplishment.

  5. I like it alot mom, it looks great. <3


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