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Saturday, April 17, 2010

I've got Mail!

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I don't go get my mail every day. When I'm really tired at the end of a work day, I just climb the stairs into my house without going the other way to the mailbox. I should though, cus, due to some good friendships I'm making in Bloggyland, there are sometimes treasures in that mailbox. AND I LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't go to my mailbox for a few days this week and I wandered over there this morning and found two, count em two, magical pieces of art from south of the border. Lucky happy me! Take a look...

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  1. I love finding surprises from Blogland. It's a real place. I get things from there.
    (South of the Border made me giggle. I always think Mexico. Or South Carolina. But NEVER before have I thought USA. I will now!)


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