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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Giveaway!!!! A really important (to me) One!!!

My own, this time, Can you believe it! I've finally got my act together enough to host my own giveaway! I'm so excited, I'm beside myself. That's an interesting saying, don't you think? Try to visualize it, actually being beside yourself. It's a bit twisted.But I digress.
I was wandering around my blog at work today, trying to avoid work, and wondering how a person knows how many posts a person has made when I found it and (you are NOT going to believe this)---I have 365 posts today!! How weird is that? There are 365 days in the year (last time I checked) and I just happen to find that information on the day I actually have done 365 posts! Can you tell how excited I am? (We're back to that "beside myself" issue, but I won't go there again)It's meant to be.

But then I thought, "Oh dear, what am I going to giveaway?" "How can I make something halfway decent really fast?" And then I remembered my creation for Chris' Bling-Kin-Eck challenge on Sunday: the old lady in the window in the window. That's what I have to call it. I can't think of anything better. It's on my post here Hey, I have an idea! (Can you tell I think as I write?)
How about to enter this, my very first, oh-so-exciting, wowzer-zowzer giveaway of the old lady in the window in the window, you leave me a comment on THIS post (the one you are reading right now) with your name, some way for me to contact you when you win (tee hee) and your NEW NAME for the old lady in the window in the window?
I figure if you can follow my train of thought, you deserve to win something. So that's what you need to do: Comment on this post with your name, contact info of some kind (either an active link, your blog, or your email addy) and your suggestion for the name of my creation here We'll do this until May 1st. I'll figure out how to use the random number generator to pick the winner. Woo hoo! OK now, I need a picture for this post...what to pick, what to pick...I know. It's one of my journal pages: Inspire. You inspire me. So there. Gotta run, late for my meditation group. Maybe that will calm me down. Like that'll happen. Not.


  1. Well, congratulations on post number 365!!! That's just awesome, and I'm excited for you (and for me, since I get to read all your posts!).

    Now, as for that fabulous lady in the window, I've come to think of her as Mama Marmara. "Marmara" means "radiant" in Greek, and I think it suits her perfectly. Plus, it's just so freaking fun to say "Mama Marmara" over and over again...

    Great and VERY generous giveaway, Electra! You're the bomb!


  2. OH, my GOODNESS! Do you even KNOW how much I love that particular piece? I have to be honest...I kinda liked your original name for it, but I also like Mirando en rosa. It's Spanish for Watching in Pink. I think it just suits the piece, what do you think?

  3. congrats! that's quite a milestone!

    I like the other suggestions for your pink lady. To me she looks like a tough Ukranian farm-Baba. Which makes me think of rural Alberta (for some reason I can't explain). Which makes me want to call her Wild Rose.

    I wonder if Mr. Right ever came along?

  4. woohoo! 365, 365, 365....365 and still alive!!! Yeah baby! Way to go! Wowza, and you're sharing with us, you are too kewl! Ok, regarding the grandmother stamp. I think while she was waiting for Mr. Right she ate too many freakin' prunes. That's what the grin is for....I'm just sayin'.

  5. Thank yew, thank yew, thank yew very much. I think you guys have some great suggestions. Mama Marmara, Mama Marmara, Mama Marmara...

  6. Ok, I can't do the clever ideas like Jingle can, hers is very good indeed. I likey.

    Instead I have these for you:-

    "Mrs Brady Old Lady does it in pink."


    "But Harold, I am covering my knees!"


    "Coup in The Land of Shiny. Mrs Brady Old Lady tosses Spanky from her palace."

    365 posts eh? Wow!
    A lovely give away Electra, thank you for the chance to win your beautiful picture.


  7. Electra your post would be better at the top where people can see it, or put a pic on the top of your sidebar with a link to your post, it looks gorgeous, and nobody can see it now.
    Christine x

  8. whoo hoo, that's a lotta writin gal. I'd call her Frau Muffett as she favors an old german broad sitting on her tuffet. I'd love to be entered in your giftaway!

    Thanks! Mollye

  9. She has a gentle nobility - I think she should be Grand Duchess Olga Babushka, formerly of the Russian royal family. She was forced into hiding during the revolution and made her way to western Canada where she opened the first Canadian Russian Tea Room with a curling area out back...she ended up marrying a burly lumberjack named Winston Sinclair and they had fourteen children who took over the Tea Room when the Grand Duchess decided to retire and make tatted lace.


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