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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Art Creations friday #82 and Opus Gluei #63

This is my contribution for Art Creations friday.I'm also using it this week for The Order of The Opus Gluei's weekly challenge.  I don't normally submit one item for more than one challenge, but I have to be honest and tell you that every time I look at this ATC, I laugh.  Just the look on her face does it for me.  The Opus challenge is to "Send Some Smiles".  If this doesn't make you smile, Oh Well.  It's not my fault.
The background is the image we are to use from Art Creations friday.    Isn't it luxurious? (Or can you see it with all the stuff I put on top?)
The digital garden gate is by Heaven's Gate Designs and I've printed it on a transparency.  (I probably didn't need to tell you that, you're not dumb lol)    The little girl, face and all is from Lisa's Altered Art.  I've added some bling along the bottom strip of (unknown) paper and stickles to the child's hairbow and belt.  An unknown pearl becomes the gate handle and the type was done on my 'puter. It's basically all digital, but I printed the elements off and put them all together with some added shiny.  You gotta have added shiny.

Hope you DO smile.  Work with me. It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood.


  1. OMGosh, yes, that expression is priceless. I'd feel very compelled to give her the right password! Brought a smile to my face, but then again, you always do!

  2. Smile, heck, I have a hugh grin on my face. That will probably last a while. I LOVE this. Her expression is so adorable. Reminds me of my 10 year old. Who I adore! I love making hybrid projects. The one I am working on for next week is hybrid. :-P

  3. Awesome ATC, per usual. Love the expression, it SO goes with the picture, which is gosh darn cute!

  4. Yes, I did smile. It's wonderful. I love that gate. Instead of printing it on transparent materials, could you have made it a png and removed all the stuff in between the bars? I don't know. Just asking. Anyway, it is beautiful. You did a great job on it.

  5. That's a very interesting idea, Faye!

  6. This a fab ATC/postcard, Electra. I know what you mean about that girl's face!

  7. Oh wow this is really beautiful.
    Fabulous work.


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