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Friday, July 23, 2010

I've made something!!

for The Order of the Opus Gluei Challenge #64:  "What's Cookin, Good Lookin?"  I've been in withdrawal from making stuff and so put this quickie ATC together. Nothin' fancy, but I think the cowboy is kinda cute.

In the morning I'm going on the International Photo Walk through one of our older, more beautiful neigbourhoods.  Apparently, there are 31,000 folks walking all at the same time in 1,100 different cities on both sides of the ocean. (only 50 in my group, for which I am extremely grateful)  It should be a blast.  Lunch and "refreshments" afterwards.  Maybe I'll meet a cute photographer who is lonely and likes a woman who can cook.  WHAT?!  It could happen.
I'll let you know.


  1. the cowboy and the antique look. Of course, I will have to wander back by to see if ya met a man that needs a woman that can cook.

    Enjoy the should be FUN!!!


  2. Sounds like a fun time and you just never know who you might meet! Mr right might be just around the corner! Have fun!

  3. I'm keep ing my fingers crossed for you, men and food you can never go wrong. maybe you should have something home cooked in your bag just in case.... and the ARC is wonerful the cowboy does have nice eyes.... Hugs Wendy.and let me know what happens

  4. Haha, I remember those commercials. Wasn't the 'beef' lady even featured on t-shirts and the like? Beats me what it was a commercial for...Wendys?
    My point is that I like your ATC, but the idea is so funny I guess I almost forgot to tell you that I like it!

  5. Fab ATC love it, such fun.
    Make sure you don't walk too fast on your adventure otherwise you will be out of breath and unable to deliver your great chat up
    Have a great time. Annette x

  6. LOVE IT! Where's the beef...hahahaha. Hope you have a great time, had a great time, at this point, I guess.. can't wait to hear and see the deets!

  7. Loving the ATC, I always love a good sense of humor and you always come through!

    Thank you for participating with us at Opus Gluei even in the midst of it all!

  8. I love the pig. I just used the same one in a bookmark project. Great taste you have there lady.
    Hubba, hubba there partner. That cowboy is cute. Thanks for making me smile this morning. OPUS GLUEI loves your works. Thanks so much for playing with us as often as you do. I really look forward to seeing your clever interpretations.


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