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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Haute Couture

I'm the kind of person who would rather go out of the house wearing her ratty old Crocs and a pair of jeans that were around for the Vietnam War, than put makeup on and a nice pair of slacks. That being said, I've always had a fascination with the "Avant-Garde" runway fashions I see on TV and the equally "Avant-Garde" lifestyle that seems to come with them. And is there anything more over-the-top than the fashions that strut down the runway? I'm not talking about the always elegant Chanel, nor even a classic Dior suit, nope, I'm not even referring to Cher's favorite Bill Blass' Bling-extravaganzas (as much as I love them). I'm talking about the spaceship/paint-myself-purple-and-wear-a-koala-on-my-head kind of fashions that we are never likely to see on the next door neighbour-lady, nor your haidresser picking up school supplies at the local Target. I remember watching the old movies where the gentleman would take his lady-friend from salon to salon and lovely unsmiling models would parade in front of them in a private showing, so that she could choose her favorites and have them sent to her apartment, without the distress of the masses jostling her and touching the very clothes she hoped to purchase. (Where ARE these men and why don`t they like me?) It's a lovely vision, one I am never likely to star in (keeping in mind my crocs and jeans comment), but the point of all this is when I think of Haute Couture, I think of Paris. And these images are some that I found when I googled Paris Haute Couture. The "H" on Haute is silent, by the way. Repeat after me "(H)aute couture. We could dress like that if we wanted to.


  1. I think I'm fascinated as well by this type of fashion -- it truly is a freakish art, and I love every second of it! I think too of how heavy some of these outfits are!

  2. I don't know where those movie men are anymore, it sure would be nice to have them fawning over us! OMG - you had me roaring over the jeans from the Vietnam war comment. I find that looking at these pictures is fun too, and doesn't the waif with the upside down basket on her head look like Myrna Loy and/or young Angela Lansbury? lol

    She needs to turn that basket over and have something to eat in it.

  3. What, this old thing? I only wear it when I don't care how I look.

  4. ...but I DO want to..... It's just that those clothes don't come in my size, and you cant wear flat shoes with them!!

    Loving your Paris collections....

  5. Hey look where your clown trousers ended up, you know the ones that got rejected from your June Dress Up Dress!
    Fancy that, Electra's design cast offs make Paris (h)aute couture.
    She does look like Angela Lansbury, Rosemary is right.

  6. hahahaha, too funny. I agree on the jeans/crocs comment. These photos are hilarious, I mean, seriously, are these outfits for real? Someone would actually BUY these?

  7. I'd love to borrow one of those outfits for just one day and wear it to the DMV to get my Drivers License renewed.

  8. Couture shows are my favorite fashion shows too. But I gotta say I have some concerns about you wearing worn out crocs...

  9. OHMYGOSH, you guys are funny!!
    and I bought some sandels OKAY????


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