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Monday, July 5, 2010

Madame Pompadour

Paris in Jul.y is the perfect excuse for me to feed my ATC addiction. I've spent quite some time searching the Internet for ladies of the Paris Court and had a lovely time making little works of art with their likenesses. So consider yourself warned, you are going to be subjected to A LOT of ATC's of the French nobility!
Today's contribution is Madame Pompadour. I liked the sound of the word "Pompadour", for some reason it makes me think of Liberace's hairdo. A contemporary of Marie Antoinette, she was the mistress of Louis XV (he may have had more, I didn't know him that well). She was born Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson (that is the French word for "fish" by the way, not that it has anything to do with anything) and her father left his family in 1725 when she was four, to escape his creditors. Although she grew up to be well-read, artistic, intelligent and exceptionally graceful-her moderate birth and family history repelled suitors. Finally, her step-father bribed one of his own newphews to propose to her, using a generous marriage settlement as bait.
You've got to love a woman who has had to go through all that!


  1. Oooh, these are pretty - keep the French prettiness coming. I love your ATCs and these are no exception. Beautiful, more more more please!

    Madame Pompadour (Liberace's hair, LMAO) really was quite remarkable. She kept Louis quite interested in her wit and grace and she probably wasn't too hard on the eyes either!


  2. LOVE these........ I'm addicted to ATCs and am going to have to invest in an album or something, besides the tea caddy they live in at the moment. Its a very stylish tea caddy, but that's not the point!!

  3. These are really, really AWESOME! Love them!

  4. These are absolutely incredible! WOW! I really love them!!!

  5. Well Electra honey if they are all going to be as beautiful as these then all I can say is BRING IT ON!!! I can't wait to see more.
    They are absolutely stunning little works of ART.
    I adore the middle one especially cos of all that bling... oooooh it just made me swoon you clever girl.
    Chris xx

  6. I knew you'd come up with something amazing and different to celebrate Paris in July. What a fabulous start. Thanks for the intro to Madame Pompadour

  7. These are gorgeous! A perfect start to Paris in July...


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