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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You won't believe this

During my last post, my computer began to type in French. Honestly I am really telling you the truth. Those of you who do not live in Canada likely never have this happened. Things like (English) question marks have disappeared are nowhere to be found. Instead we have accent graves and such, which are of no use to me if I want to write something the majority can follow. To get rid of this aberration, we must shut down the computer to punish it back to normal. It wiil start up again with a little less attitude. Start it up again. And begin again what we began some time ago Harrumph. Hey, American friends, does your computer switch into Spanish at whim? And my buddies from the United Kingdom, what does your computer do to terrorize you? We have your queen over here, you know, you had better be very proper, she may be reading my blog. How I got to this topic is WAY beyond me. This image, by the way is an advertisement for a French product which was developed in 1880 by a pharmacist who wanted to help people gain a sense of fresh breath and health. The licorice squares were very small, approximately 1/8x1/8 inches and were sold in a bright yellow tin, approximately the size of a half-dollar. I certainly hope you are not merely relying on my posts about Paris, but are driving (after all, Paris is a fair distance) to the where various boats, planes, trains and automobiles"> are waiting to whisk you away to the City of Lights. Go! Now! Bonne Chance!!


  1. I've never had that happen to my computer, but there's always a chance I suppose.... too funny. Love the ATC.

  2. Never had anything like that happen to my computer. I've suffered through 2 hard drive failures, a motherboard giving up the ghost and a graphic card that decided it wanted to be a pencil instead BUT I've never had the language change on me.
    You must be very special indeed to merit such computer affection.

    Now I reckon that yellow and red dress on your ATC makes great inspiration for a dress up 2010 dress, August anyone?

  3. The plot thickens... Google runs Blogger, right? And my new cell phone runs on Google's operating system. So, yesterday, I was trying to do a Google search on my phone, and the page came up in French. No kidding.

    We have ourselves a full-on conspiracy, Electra.

    Love the ATC, by the way.


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