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Friday, July 30, 2010

Fun with Ephemera

Change in plans tonight.  The little town where I had planned to go has an emergency tornado warning happening.  A twister touched down just north and word is, there are more coming. 
SO, I'll stay home instead.
I've done a couple of ATC's for my favorite challenge in the whole wide world, The Order of the Opus Gluei .
(Holy poo, the news is on behind me and I am DEFINITELY not going out of town tonight!)
We've been asked to use any little bits and pieces of ephemera that we may have lying around to make something fun.  I've had this picture of an Edgar Degas painting ever since I cut it out of the newspaper to remind myself I wanted to go to the Degas Exhibit at the museum.  I think this counts as ephemera.  I painted it with gel medium and then added some German Scrap, and a couple of rub-ons.  And I had EXACTLY the frame for it.  Looks just like it should be in a museum, doesn't it?  Well, rest assured, it IS.  In the museum at my house.

The second thing I made ("thing" is such a dorky word)  includes another piece of ephemera I tore out of the newspaper one day.  it's an ad for "Pop" as you can tell.  I thought it looked kind of retro.  I attached it to the background (some paper from somewhere) with more gel medium, and then covered it with a piece of acrylic that I ran through the laminator at work with some cut-up saran wrap.  I thought it made it look kind of "cool"  As in an icebox.  Hence, the word "cool".  Don't lick it, your tongue may get stuck.  And THAT would look REALLY silly.

Fun With Ephemera for the Opus Gluei challenge #65. 
Go over there.  Hurry.  You have time to play.  Well, actually, this site is so cool, you can play whenever you want, however you want. they just give you the inspiration.   Go on. You'd be a fool not to.

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  1. I wish I had an ounce, just a single ounce, of your creativity!!

  2. I'm here from new friends friday. Love your ephemera art.

  3. Hey you got two framed works of art from this challenge! I have to squeeze my ATCs carefully so I dont turn the cat biscuits into crumbs. Love your work, as always

  4. I'm really liking your style! Great talent you have here and love your blog! That pop in your picture? I found a bunch of those empty bottles in my shed one day.

  5. I LOVE THESE ATC's. (yes, I just yelled that out loud and the dog is looking at me with a tilted head - must think I am nuts) I am going to go and run plastic wrap through my sticker maker. You have inspired me to be experimental today. And why not, the dog thinks I'm mental anyway. LOL. I love the way you think. AND thank you SO VERY MUCH for the OPUS GLUEI shout-out. The Grand Poobahs think you are marvelous. I know because we have discussed how much we LOVE you and your works. Have I rambled on too much??? Sorry about that, but I've had caffeine today...

  6. These are fab, love them both. Plus enjoy your narrative. Hope that tornado stayed away. Annette x

  7. Be safe, don't go out where there's a tornado - instead, stay inside and make some more art! I love these; what a great idea with the pop (I kept typing cool because it is cool but then thought that looked dorky so I stopped, never mind). The Degas looks so elegant. Love that you love the OG, we love it and we love you too!!!

  8. The ATC's are simply, well, simply too cool for words. I mean, the frame thing is spectacular! Forgive me for being stupid, but are those real frames or I just assumed they are Ok, and the ice, cool thing is spectacular. Acrylic plus cut up plastic wrap thru a laminator? Awesome. You ROCK!

  9. You goys are too kind. And yes Lori, those are real frames. Real Garage Sale frames. :-))

  10. Cool art! Very creative.

    Thanks for visiting my blog :D


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