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Sunday, January 10, 2010


I've spent the whole day making ATC's (and a quick trip into work to say good-bye to one of my staff). Life couldn't be much better. Well, actually, on second thought, it could. I could never have to go to work again. Only if I have lots of money, of course. I know enough to be careful what I wish for. I made a Valentine's hanging heart too, all glittery and fun. I'll post it tomorrow probably. It's been a perfect day today, you don't even need a coat, although I wore a spring jacket, just in case. "Just in case what?" you ask. Just in case the weather changes, a horrific blizzard blows in, my truck breaks down and I am stranded with no food or water for 48 hours until they plow the roads and rescue me, on the brink of death. Don't laugh, it could happen. This is Canada. God Save the Queen.

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  1. I sure hope no blizzard flies in and all those other bad things happen, we need you and your humor and crafty goodness!!!!

    The ATC looks grand, I really like it. It's so you; pretty and witty!


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