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Monday, January 25, 2010

Palm Springs

Here I am! It's taken me this long to get some pictures that I can download to my friend's computer. It's a Mac & I know nothing about a Mac. I went to Target & took some pictures off my camera, had them put on a CD. I put the CD in and here we are! The pic of the trees is the view from my friend's condo and the other is of the lemon tree at her house. Cool, eh? We went to a street fair, for a walk downtown, did some shopping, went for an hour walk today too. AND we spent today at the pool/hot tub. Perfect. Just kind of taking it easy, which is exactly what I came here for. Tomorrow, if it isn't pouring, we're going to Joshua Tree Park for a picnic. I hope it isn't raining! Anyways, now that I have my act together, I'll check in every day. Happy in the sun!

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