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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Prayers for Haiti

It's so hard to watch, all the suffering. I can't imagine. I got an email from the friend I'm going to visit next week in California and her eldest son is in Haiti with 17 students. She finally heard that they are safe in a compound outside of the capital but of course she's worried. The news tonight said the government is going to airlift them out tomorrow, thank goodness. But the people who are left behind......
I live such a blessed life. I was in the Twin Towers, long before they fell. I was in New Orleans, again, long before Katrina. I was in the Dominican Replublic, the poverty is unlike anything we have here. Each time these disasters have happened, I remember what it was like before the devastation. I work with immigrants and refugees. The conditions in so much of the world are totally unlike our privileged safety. I came upon a client, one I had come to love, at my last job. She was crying. Her brother was dead in Iraq-an American bomb. What can you say?
We just have to love them with our feet. Action, not words.

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