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Saturday, January 2, 2010

I promise

This will be the last "Christmas" post of the year. Well, last year, actually, I'll likely do more in December (2010). Very likely.
I know Christmas is SO over, but I wanted to post these particular LO's. Plus, I'm watching a DVD on TV that I taped a couple of weeks before Christmas, so REALLY it's not even happened yet! I know this for a fact because I can hear John Lennon's "So This is Christmas" in the background.
These are three LO's I made using some of the blog candy I got from Opus. I had such fun, really I didn't do much else yesterday except work on these. Well, and kind of putz around. Today I went out for a bit and slept a lot. I've been up for a couple of hours, long enough to eat and start back on the many many pages from our trip this past summer. But I'm debating going back to bed for the night.
It's always fun to scrapbook pages from a fun vacation, I get to relive the memories all over again. For instance, we were in a shop in Vegas, one that had some vintage/romantic types of jewelry and clothing. I loved everything in it. In fact I took pictures. If I'd had more money I would have bought something, but photos seemed the next best thing. At any rate, there was a newspaper clipping on the counter that screamed "Brittany spends $35,000.00 in 10 minutes at ____!!!" This store of course. I've never spent $35,000.00 on a vehicle, for crying out loud. And it takes me one heck of a lot longer than 10 minutes to choose a truck, let me tell you. This shop was next door to a store with outlandishly expensive chandeliers and thrones and sarchophaguses (sp?) and the like and I remembered seeing Michael Jackson on TV shopping in this store. Saying, "I'll take that, and that, and that, and that." I didn't buy anything there either. Quelle surprise.
I have pictures of the bathroom in a diner in Kingman Arizona, an authentic Route 66 diner. It was really neat. (Neat is such a Neat word). I took pictures last week in a bathroom in a Greek restaurant in Lethbridge-maybe I have a fetish. No, I just think it's way cool when people carry their theme into their bathroom. The Greek restaurant (which served Butter Chicken,and stir-fried shrimp, so I'm not sure how authentic it was) was FULL of treasures, everything from a lava lamp in the midst of brass turkish coffee urns and fluffly Frosty the Snowman.
Maybe I'll post some pics of the Greek restaurant tomorrow, although I'll spare you the biffy.


  1. Oh my goodness, I am so proud of you for playing with your new toys!!! These are marvelous!

    Don't stop with the Christmas posts if you aren't ready to, I think that's the problem in our disposable society - we are pressured to get that done, check it off our lists, and move on. Christmas comes but once a year so let's live it up a little longer? Why not? What is so gosh darn important next to rush through it!?! Have some more chocolate and enjoy your DVDs (and your blog candy prize)!!!

    Hugs from the USA!

  2. You are a wonderful artist. Your layouts are amazing. I don't think you can really declare that Christmas is over. As far a pics of bathrooms, I totally get it. I have pics of the floor tile of one in Disney. It's a really cool frog pattern. LOL


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