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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here I am!

No, I have not left town, I've been sick. And guess what? I have a follower! I noticed it out of the corner of my eye when I signed into my blog just now, I thought "Huh? What's a follower?" But it's my friend Jana! How kewl is that? Now that I know how good that feels, I'm going to become a follower of the blogs I follow! OMG, it's a whole new world out there. Maybe I should google "follower" tee hee. I can barely write the word "google" as a verb without twitching.
So I've been sick, laying on the couch and I should be tonight too, but I kept smelling something like gasoline in my studio file cabinet and I couldn't ignore it anymore. One of my drawers is a tool chest and so I had to take out my drill, floor tiles, hammer, vice grips, you get the picture and at the very bottom of it all I found an exploded can of Liquid Wrench. Good lord, it stinks. What do I have Liquid Wrench for, you ask? Actually, for the truck, but as I ruminate on it, I remember using it in the old house to pull the tub faucet out of the wall once when I had to replace it. It was all rusted and I had to lay down in the bathtub, put my feet against the wall and yard on the thing until it flew off and I flew backwards. The Liquid Wrench made all that possible. Why is it in my studio, in my (relatively)new condo? Well, where else would you put it? duh.
One more word on the tub story, I really should start dating again. I remember when I called my mom and told her I was going to be getting divorced and she said "who will fix the roof, if the roof needs fixing?" I'll refer you back to the tub story once more. It didn't happen when I was married and neither did the roof get fixed. Nuff said.
The pics are of a journal page I did the other night, I love love love the wood stamp from Cornish Heritage Farms!
The dress on the page is an attempt at printmaking-I'm doing this daily art thing where I cut up a bunch of typed tasks and put them in a little box I made and I pull one each day and do it. So far I've had to draw a map of where I went all day, cut swatches out of colour combinations that inspired me as I was out and about, drew everything in my briefcase-you get the idea. I wish I could remember where I got this from, but I just can't. It's pushing me out of my comfort zone anyways. Today was the first day I haven't actually done the task-I was supposed to read an entire book today. Not going to happen.
The other picture is from a little football album I made. It's Tim Holtz' film strip ribbon and I love it. Time consuming to cut out and adhere all those little pictures, but I still love it.
Whew! If you're still with me, you're a better woman than I! I need to visit the blogs I follow now and then crawl back to the couch. TTFN


  1. I knew something else was afoot to keep you from your blog - have missed you and am very sorry you feel poorly.

    Would some charcoal left in a box or even some cut up citrus help to counteract the nasty LIquid Wrench smell?

    Love the page, worth every bit of effort to on the film strip - that's very cool! Please feel better soon!?! K?

  2. And Parker was the better Hardy, I'm just sayin'. LOL

  3. I love your creations. Of course I'll follow you. This page is great. Looks like you found a fairy dress in the woods. Wonder if the fairy went off to pee?
    I can't believe you cut the pictures for that film strip. WOW. I am sure I will use mine more as a ribbon. Don't think I have the patience to cut all those tiny little pics. They look so good.

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  5. Thanks Rosemary for the tip, as we speak there is a juicy wet orange resting in my file cabinet drawer. I hope I remember to take it out or I'll need to put an orange in there to get rid of the orange smell.


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