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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Opus Challenge Trimming Down

I have a new little point and shoot camera. I used it tonight to take the picture of this LO. If it's no good, I guess you won't be reading this post............ I will have deleted it. I thought I could give it a try and see how it looks. Plus my worktable is kind of messy. But it always is, so that's just me.
I am trimming down my button collection. I realized I have more buttons that I have a right to, sat down and organized them by colour-when I went into that box, do you think I could find a turquoise one? So I used clear buttons and alcohol-inked them the colour I wanted. It worked well. This LO was fun and it makes me smile.
I'm going to hit the POST button now and look at the photo. If it looks really bad, I'll delete and try abain tomorrow. If it's not bad, I hope you enjoy. Goodnight.


  1. This layout is great. So much fun. I really like all the buttons on the black words on white background. Perfect for using up buttons. But can you really have too many? Really? I think not. We love your work at Opus Gluei. Thank you for playing with us.

  2. I love this layout! The buttons are so cute! Great job!

  3. Ah, a woman after our own heart - when she doesn't have a button in the stash that's the color she wants she doesn't whine! She just makes it the color she wants! Go girl go!

    Love this layout, you are so gutsy and cool with your work. You don't sit there and fret and worry and rethink it a gazillion times like I do and you do GREAT WORK! I want your mojo, lady!

    Feels good to use up some of the stash doesn't it? I know, I feel the same way and it frees up room for more stuff (hee hee)


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